Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals

Cast and Crew


Bitter Karella

Bitter Karella (he/him/she/her)—creator, co-writer

Also voices: Roger Corman (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Bitter Karella is a writer, cartoonist, text game designer, and horror aficionado behind the Hugo-nominated microfiction comedy account @midnight_pals. Karella writes gonzo psycho-sexual body horror with a grotesquely humorous edge, and co-hosts the podcast A Special Presentation, or Alf Will Not Be Seen Tonight about comic strips adapted into TV specials.

Robin Johnson, with his cat Ninja on his shoulder

Robin Johnson (he/him)—co-writer, producer, music

Also voices: HP Lovecraft (main cast), Arthur Conan Doyle (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes), Lafcadio Hearn (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Robin is a writer, game developer, and author of numerous literary satire stage plays including the Edinburgh Fringe official sell-outs Broken Holmes and In a Handbag, Darkly. He is also an award-winning developer of interactive fiction. Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals is the second audiodrama series Robin has worked on; he also writes, produces and plays a time-traveling George Orwell in the surreal sci-fi serial Untrue Stories. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his cat (left) and human partner.

Main Cast

Rodrigo Borges

Rodrigo Borges (he/him)—Edgar Alan Poe

Also voices: Dr Acula (The Tale of Dracula), De Lacey (The Tale of the Frankenstein)

Born and raised in Brazil, Rodrigo is an award-winning voice actor, writer, director, producer, musician, professional Dungeon Master, and Twitch streamer. He is the creator of the live-action web series Monarch's 52, a veteran horror writer, and the founder of indie folk band Mothman and the Cryptids. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Rod works as the Roleplay Game Master for 555 Comics, where he develops emergent narrative techniques and gameplay systems. You can find him on Twitch and YouTube under his alias Commander Rod.

Rebecca D'Souza

Rebecca D'Souza (she/her/they/them)—Mary Shelley

Also voices: Mina (The Tale of Dracula)
Sensitivity reader (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

Rebecca is an actor and producer in theatre primarily in England, (though she has been known to travel) and has worked in the West End, various touring shows, at the European Theatre Convention and at Edinburgh Fringe as both performer and producer. They currently work in artist development in the Midlands. She has three kids. Which feels like a lot of kids. And a cat (kids/cat not pictured).

Jason Robinson
Photo credit: Corey Woodruff, “All The Faces Project”

Jason Robinson (he/him)—Stephen King

Jason is a former DJ, music journalist, punk singer and radio producer, and now hosts and edits of 48 Minutes of Dogs Barking, a podcast focusing on internet subcultures and oddities. He is also a gamer, anime enthusiast, and real good dancer. Jason lives in St Louis with his wife, teenage twins, and four (4) cats

Sister Indica
Makeup, hair, styling & photography by Petty Page 

Sister Indica (she/her/they/them)—Clive Barker

Sister Indica is a multimedia artist, activist and drag queen living in Sacramento, California. She is the producer of wildly campy audio soap opera Blazed All Our Lives. Her activism focuses on issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community as well as autistic people and those with ADHD and cPTSD. She is a fierce lover of nature, animals and waterproof eyeliner.

Robin Johnson, with his cat Ninja on his shoulder

Robin Johnson (he/him)—HP Lovecraft

Robin is a writer, game developer, and author of literary satire stage plays. As well as producing, co-writing and playing HP Lovecraft and Arthur Conan Doyle in Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals, Robin voices George Orwell in his own sci-fi audio serial Untrue Stories.

Wren Montgomery

Wren Montgomery (he/him/they/them)—Dean Koontz

Wren is a writer and artist, as well as an up-and-coming voice actor with a role in Welcome to Dubspace: An Omori Fandub. In their free time, he dabbles in modding and participating in fanzines, DMing and playing Dungeons & Dragons. They're also an avid fan of anime, video games, narrative theory, and anthropological analysis. Wren lives in Rochester, NY where he spends time with their partner, dog, and two cats.

Special Guest Stars

Helen Arney
Photo by Alex Brenner

Helen Arney (she/her)—Mary Wollstonecraft (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Science presenter, geek songstress and "Voice of an Angle" Helen Arney has appeared in TV, radio and theatre across the world with her unique mix of stand-up, songs and science. Her previous credits include electrifying Sandi Toksvig on QI, singing the periodic table on Channel 4, smashing a wine glass with her voice on Blue Peter, hosting Outrageous Acts Of Science on Discovery Channel, touring with science comedy troupe Festival of the Spoken Nerd, and appearing as the voice of the Periodic Table on Amazon Alexa. Helen is currently working on several full-length musical theatre projects about astounding women and science, and has filled several notebooks with rhymes for Uranus. For more information, see

Mike McShane

Mike McShane (he/him)—William Huskisson MP (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Mike McShane is a veteran actor, singer and improvisational comedian who has been a frequent guest on both the British and American versions of Whose Line is it Anyway?, appeared in numerous film roles including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Office Space, and voiced characters in A Bug's Life and the Final Fantasy videogame series.

Mike kindly (if perhaps not entirely soberly) agreed to provide a cameo for us in exchange for donations to Waverley Care, a charity that helps people living with HIV and hepatitis in Scotland. You can donate here.

Hailey Piper

Hailey Piper (she/her)—She Who Must Not Be Named (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Hailey Piper is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Queen of Teeth, A Light Most Hateful, The Worm and His Kings series, and other books of dark fiction. She is also the author of over one hundred short stories appearing in Pseudopod, Vastarien, Cast of Wonders, Cosmic Horror Monthly, and various other publications. She lives with her wife in Maryland, where their occult rituals are secret. Find Hailey at

Supporting Cast

Sean Babapulle

Sean Babapulle (he/him)

Mr Hyde (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

Sean is a comedy actor and Twiitch Streamer from Sri Lanka. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, he migrated to California in late 2013. He graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2015 and became a working actor with a passion passion for video games. You can find Sean everywhere by his handle McBabaHaus.

Brad Barnes (he/him)

Professor Waldman (The Tale of the Frankenstein); David DeCoteau (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart); Human Bruno (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Brad is a writer and actor from northeast Ohio. He has written for the stage, video games, and audio, and future work of his can be found on Twitter at @porthosmoose. He lives in Columbus with his wife and a very large collection of bad movies

Hannah Brown (she/her)

Jane Williams (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Hannah is a speculative horror writer and voice actor. Originally from Wales, she now calls Tokyo Bay her home. An eccentric at heart, her horror writing has appeared in anthologies from Eerie River Publishing, Fly on the Wall Press, and Cosmic Horror Monthly. She is also the co-creator of upcoming horror/comedy audio drama Englewood After Dark. You can find her on Twitter at @Hannah_Aimee_17 and BlueSky

Jessica Berson

Jessica Berson (she/her)

Anne Rice (The Tale of Dracula)

Jessica is a professional creative person and smartass. As an actress, she's portrayed evil queens, wisecracking best friends elegant Shakespearian heroines, and in one special instance, a brassy Amish lady turned burlesque star. Her written works have been performed all across the US, and she is a winner of the Jerome McDonough Playwriting Award (which sounds way more prestigious than it actually is). She is the creator of the audiodramas Echoes (in) Between and Regina Prime.

Joel A.S. Butler

Joel A.S. Butler (he/him)

Bram Stoker, Quincey Morris (The Tale of Dracula); Professor Moriarty, Ian Fleming (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes); David Cronenberg, Deputy (The Tale of the Nightbreed); Lord Byron (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Joel is a theater actor in the San Francisco Bay Area. His favorite roles have included John Barrymore in I Hate Hamlet, the Creature in Frankenstein, Harold Bride in Titanic The Musical, and Joseph Buquet in Phantom of the Opera. This is his first time voice acting. Joel spends his free time with his husband and cats and occasionally sculpts with clay.

Loretta Chang

Loretta Chang (she/her)

Lori (The Tale of the Nightbreed); Naoko Takeuchi (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Loretta is a charity sector worker and avid reader. She is a cat person and lives in Toronto with her two gorgeous voids, Thelonious and Monk. She got into voice acting and narration in her 40s, and can be heard as the narrator of Apex Shadow and Princess Virgo in Zodiac Task Force.

Canavan Connolly

Canavan Connolly (he/him)

Monster (The Tale of the Frankenstein); Dr Watson (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes); Constable (The Take of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde); Engineer (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Canavan Connolly is a veteran of immersive and fringe theatre and has previously worked with Midnight Pals producer Robin in his stage plays Broken Holmes, Stitched Up, Upper Lip and In a Handbag, Darkly, and voices Nebogipfel the Morlock in Untrue Stories.

David Court

David Court (he/him)

Dr Krempe (The Tale of the Frankenstein); Edward Ellerker Williams (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train); The Major (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde); Frank Belknap Long (The Tale of the Nightbreed)

David is a professional liar, writing horror and science fiction when not developing software. David lives in Coventry with his wife, Aslan the cat, and an ever-growing beard. David's wife once asked him if he'd write about how great she was. David replied that he would because he specialized in short fiction. Despite that, they are still married. He can be found in the recesses of the internet on Twitter at @DavidJCourt.

Kate Davoli

Kate Davoli (they/them)

Patricia Highsmith (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train, The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Kate is a genderqueer polyamorous bisexual Pittsburgher, and out about all those things (yes, even the Pittsburgh origins). They've enjoyed stage acting, playing in weekly RPGs, and reading aloud. This is their first time voice acting for a production. 

Julia Drake

Julia Drake

Mrs Cleveland (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Julia is an Australian, amateur audio drama producer, narrator and voice actor, from small beginnings in 2021. This still continues, despite the fact it often takes an inordinate amount of time to create a six minute production. 

Dear Nicoletta

Nicoletta Giuseffi (she/her)

Lady Minamoto (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Nicoletta is a pansexual English language professor and princess under glass. Her writing has appeared in publications like Mother: Tales of Love and Terror, which was nominated for a 2022 Bram Stoker Award, and she received the Elegant Literature Prize in December 2022. Her passions include photography, retro hardware, and the late 18th century. 

Jon Gutierrez (he/him)

Lord Fujiwara (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Jon is a comedy writer from Groton, Connecticut. He got his start as  a performer at the NY Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and has gone on to write for @midnight, Mad Magazine and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and provides the extremely shrill voice of Doctor Strange on the web series Marvel Superheroes: What The?!? You can find him on twitter at @dasgoot1, Bluesky at, and/or

Dexter Howard

Dexter Howard (he/him)

Neil Gaiman, Dario Argento (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart); Robert Louis Stevenson (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde); Sheriff (The Tale of the Nightbreed); Olaf (The Tale of the Frankenstein); Raymond Chandler (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes); Human Guy (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train)

Dexter Howard is a late-blooming voice talent from Indianapolis, Indiana. After gaining his broadcast journalism degree, Dexter surrendered his voice to an evil sea witch in exchange for “a steady job”. But he’s grateful to have recently found it again. When he’s not yelling into a microphone, you can find Dexter at the movies or on a long hike with his wife and dog. Join his dozens of followers at DexDoesVoices on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. 

Nomi Ibsen, reading Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire"

Nomi Ibsen (she/her)

Stephenie Meyer (The Tale of Dracula); Radio announcer (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes)

Nomi Ibsen is a longtime lover of making silly voices and a newfound lover of recording them. Born and raised in rural Vermont, Nomi grew up performing in various local musical productions and belting Shakespeare monologues across the Green Mountains. Nowadays, she is a voice actress by night and a professional email sender by day.

Karim Kronfli

Karim Kronfli (he/him)

Dr Jekyll (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

Karim has been a professional performer for over 30 years originally working as a juggler and firebreather. With plays, and film added to his professional repertoire Karim now loves directing as much as performing. Trained at City Lit in London he eventually got introduced to working behind the microphone at BFBS. Specialising in audio drama he has appeared in several shows such as Unseen, What’s the Frequency, The Magnus Archives, SCP Archives, Dr Who: Redacted and many more. 

Anna Lazarev

Professor Griffin (The Tale of the Frankenstein)

Lietthys (she/her)

Agatha (The Tale of the Frankenstein)

Beth Lindly

Beth Lindly (she/her/they/them)

Bride of Frankenstein (The Tale of the Frankenstein)

Beth is a voice actor from Alabama. They've been involved in various projects and roles, including Undyne in a voice acted Undertale playthrough, Micah in the short film Trainspotting, Bettie in the audio drama Cauhcalco County, and Holly Winthrop in the audio drama The Jorvik Diaries. While she's not pursuing her voice acting career aspirations, she likes to play video games, hang out with her husband and their dog Mabel, and cosplay.

Daisy McNamara

Daisy McNamara (she/her/he/him)

Poole (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde); Audio consultant

Daisy stumbled into podcasting and had to commit. She studied marine biology and theatrical costume, and spends most of her time wandering the beach or knitting. You can hear his work on Mayfair Watcher’s Society, Meddling with Monsters, SCP Archives, and Eeler's Choice, among others. 

Senni Rivera (she/her)

Fanny Osbourne (The Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

Seni is a Filipino American voice actress based in California. She studied architecture and in her daytime uses her very expensive college degree to design frog pins. In spring 2023 she decided to take the leap into voice acting and hasn't looked back. You can find her with the handle senonni, or at 

Dominic Rye

Dominic Rye (he/him)

Victor Frankenstein (The Tale of the Frankenstein)

An actor, musician and singer, Dominic has been working professionally since 2015, when he graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. His first year out of Drama School saw him win both the Sir Alec Guinness Memorial Award and the Linda Bellingham Memorial Bursary. Dominic has performed all around the UK, (with venues including Derby Theatre, Chester Storyhouse, Birmingham REP,  and the Yvonne Arnaud), and abroad in Brazil and Shanghai, appearing in plays, concerts, musicals and immersive theatre.

John Serrano

John Serrano (he/him)

Cabal (The Tale of the Nightbreed), Renfield (The Tale of Dracula), Kouta Hirano (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

John is a voice actor and musician from San Francisco. He's also lived in the Philippines, where he studied Communication and became fluent in Tagalog. He also played guitar and screamed in a sludge-metal band and a synth-punk band from 2016-2021. After having an electric unicycle accident then playing the video game Disco Elysium, he had the revelation to start his voice acting career in late 2022 and finally pursue his dreams of voicing in animation, video games, and brilliantly told stories.

Thaddeus Strange

Thaddeus Strange (they/them)

Jonathan Harker (The Tale of Dracula)

Currently haunting the American Midwest, most of Thaddeus's audio work has been either TTRPG Actual Plays on Role Playing Public Radio, or movie review chatting on Beneath the Screen of the Ultra Critics. They have also done a smattering of stage and short film work.

Lou Sutcliffe

Lou Sutcliffe (ey/em)

Sherlock Holmes (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes); Captain Walton (The Tale of the Frankenstein); Percy Shelley (The Tale of the Strangers on a Train, The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Lou is an autistic nonbinary word and sound sorcerer from the northwest of England, perpetrator of such audiodramas as The Pantaloon Society and the upcoming Eeler's Choice. By day ey are a data scientist, undisputed monarch of a petty kingdom of spreadsheets. Ey live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and refuse to leave unless enticed away with the promise of LARP.

Liselle Nic Giollabháin (painting)

Liselle Nic Giollabháin (she/her/sí/í)

Inspector Lestrade (The Tale of Sherlock Holmes)

Irish accent & swearing coach (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Liselle is from Ireland and played the evil Captain Rutherford of the Thought Police in Untrue Stories. She is neurospicy, can usually be found within no more than five feet of a book and a cuppa, and detests being photographed.

Tenest Tang (they/them)

Junji Ito, Osamu Tezuka (The Tale of the Snow Woman)

Tenest Tang is a Chinese American artist, musician, engineer, and polyglot. They have too many hobbies and too little time. Tenest lives in New England, US, with eleven chickens and one dog.

Cassie Vulpine (they/them)

Dr Seward, Dr Van Helsing (The Tale of Dracula); Governor, Monster Gatekeeper (The Tale of the Nightbreed)

Cassie is a dramatic Jacqueline of all trades. Over the years they've dipped their toes into radio, TV, stage acting, video production, film criticism, stand-up comedy, and even the seedy world of video game let's plays. Voice acting is a natural extension of their insatiable need to chew the scenery from behind.

Marnie Warner

Marnie Warner (she/her)

Lucy (The Tale of Dracula); Secretary (The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart)

Marnie Warner is a Chicago-based theater and voice actor. You can hear her in podcasts across all genres, including The Way We Haunt Now, Hit the Bricks, HG Wells Has His Regrets, Where the Stars Fell, and Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemanson. When not doing theater-type things, she’s probably reading, going out for breakfast, or looking at cats on the internet. For more information, see